The Beginning

It has been an incredible first year of teaching- this month marks my the first year anniversary as a yoga teacher! And the launch of my yoga website.

I arrived fresh out of teacher training ready to delve wide open and vulnerable –so vulnerable in fact that I lost my voice prior to teaching my first class!

In these past 12months, I have dove to the deepest depths of me, and sat for a bit-and listened.

It has been a year of expectional learning and a year of tremendous growth, a year of letting go and a year of starting again.

I am grateful for the texture and empathy gained from my students and my senior yoga teacher and mentor, Anna Smallwood  for the contrast I glean  with clarity- crystal clear clarity, of what is right, what is love, what is decent, and what is me.

I am so grateful for this.

Yoga teaching is not the well travelled path – it takes courage and abhyasa. Its humbling, beautiful – and huge.

I hope that I do it justice in all of my days left on this earth…and I hope I do it with kindness, compassion and grace.