Offering a dynamic flowing style of yoga synchronizing movement with the breath Ashtanga, Vinyasa  Flow as well as Yin Yoga a potent practise that integrates Chinese Medicine with yoga. There are classes to move, stretch, strengthen, nourish, rejuvenate or simply let go.

The practise of Yin Yoga is a return to yoga’s ancient meditative roots. It is a very simple practise, in its simplicity lies its quiet power.

Yin Yoga can help us find equanimity in our lives.Taoist tradition speaks clearly of the unity of all things. Yin and Yang  exist only because of one another. Without Yin there would be no Yang without Yang there would be no Yin. The relationship of Yin and Yang speak of the truth  of interconnectedness.

On a physical level Yin Yoga creates space in our tissues and around our joints this can bring renewed freedom to the body by restoring the bodies natural range of movement perfect suited for rehabilitation, injury recovery by releasing scar tissue & perfect for athletes and anyone that really wants to bring balance and equilibrium  to their current fitness programme.

My Yang practise and therefore my teaching pays homage to both  Ashtanga Vinyasa and Iyengar lineages with modern day relevance.

I really believe the key to tapping into yoga’s transformative powers is by offering a completely  balanced practise to my students –Yin and Yang.

With a regular practice you will notice an increase in your flexibility, strength and endurance.

Linking body mind and heart in a balanced way with authenticity and integrity  you will be able to greet your day feeling renewed, refreshed and completely energised.