Jeana O’Toole


Jeana OToole is a yoga teacher and barefoot philosopher.
She mostly lives in Gerringong South Coast NSW Australia but feels at home anywhere she can comfortably get into vrksasana. She’s infinitely curious about the body & the breath, poetry, magic, beauty, failure, and how to find the sweetness of being lost in the world. She wants to watch you fall in love and transform with yoga. 


With the culmination of Jeana’s 15 years of yoga practise her teaching yields a harmonious combination of artful alignment, observance and therapeutic nourishment.

Paying homage to Yin Yoga as well as  the Ashtanga and Iyengar lineages with modern day revelance Jeana allows you to reside in your hearts with complete balance, authenticity and integrity.

It is with open hearted gratitude she honours her many teachers and counts her blessings that she has been exposed to such amazingly gifted  teachers that  have guided her on this awe inspiring  journey of awareness.

From Senior Iyengar teacher Susan Robertson who initially watered the yoga seed through to  Anna Smallwood Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher and  owner of Roaming Yogis  who nurtured the seedling and showed her new ways to blossom and grow.

Her vision is to create a culture of acceptance allowing you to feel empowered and supported so as to create a healthy safe balanced practise that will last  a lifetime.IMG_1268_S_BW

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